Attractive Personalized Christmas Wrappers

I have been searching the net for new and attractive Christmas Gift Wrappers and I found these items. They may have been in existence for quite a long time already but I just discovered them. And I haven't received any gift wrapped in any of these holiday wrappers.

This holiday, make your gifts special inside and out. Stay away from boring gift wrappers, make yours personalized. These are personalized wrappers with your name and personal greetings on it, you can choose how your name and greetings will be written and in what color. And let’s face it, a beautifully wrapped gift gives anticipation and eagerness to the receiver, it is a prelude on how special the gift itself.

Holiday Dots Gift Wrap

Pretty Paisley Gift Wrap

Granny Smith Gift Wrap

Midnight Black Gift Wrap

Psychedelic Stripes Gift Wrap

Watermelon Stripe


Ocean Wave

Sparkling Sapphire

Summer Spots

Swell Stockings

Beary Christmas

Golden Reindeer

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