Exquisite Villas at Esperanza Resort Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas in Mexico is a favorite destination of the rich and famous crowd. Known for its pristine beaches and its other leisure activities for its visitors, like golf, horse back riding, swimming, snorkeling, fishing, whale watching, surfing, and other water sports, Cabo San Lucas easily became one the most popular playground for the young affluent pack and Hollywood stars. It was reported that the kids in the popular MTV show Laguna Beach take their spring break here. Jennifer Aniston and her friend Courtney Cox, Katherine Heigl, Jessica Alba, Demi Moore, are just some of the stars who flock to this beach paradise to indulge in the luxury this place offers.

Most celebrities and the truly rich and elite do not stay in hotels when they are in Cabo San Lucas, they opt to rent a private villa to avoid the crowd and to have a better privacy. One of the villas most frequented by the discriminating visitors of Cabo San Lucas are the villas at Esperanza Resort. This villa is included in the Forbes’ list of the Most Sensational Summer Villas. Just look at the pictures below and one need not articulate how beautiful this place is. The beautiful ocean views, the comfortable, relaxed and handcrafted furniture and tranquil atmosphere, will constantly remind you that you are on a dream vacation. And take note, the artwork on the walls are original. I would love to relax in that hammock by the terrace and daydream or just take a nap while feeling the sea breeze on my face. The Esperanza Resort in Cabo San Lucas is located at the Baja Peninsula and all of the villas have spacious terraces that allow you to enjoy the magnificent view of the Sea of Cortez. The resort itself boasts of a world-class oceanfront restaurant, fully equipped fitness center, luxurious full-service spa, swimming pool, and a private beach.

photos: Cabo Villas

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Californie Penthouse in Cannes

Californie Penthouse is located at the top floor that offers a very magnificent view of the sea, a spacious solarium, a lush garden and an inviting swimming pool. This place is perfect for the outgoing types who would want to stay in a place near where the action and fun is happening, for this penthouse is located at the exclusive Californie area of Cannes, very near La Croisette, the center of pleasurable activities in this city, and very near where the famous beaches in Cannes are. Even if you stay out late from bar-hopping, clubbing, or enjoying a casino game, you need not worry because your place is just minutes away from all these. The place is luxuriously furnished with contemporary and modern furniture and appliances. Californie Penthouse is a perfect temporary residence for group of friends or families who would want to enjoy the city of Cannes in style and luxury.

This penthouse really looks like a stunning place to stay when in Cannes but I just noticed that the size of the television is a little smaller for my family’s preference in a tv set. Oh well, maybe one would not have time to watch the television when you are in Cannes, but for someone like me who cannot sleep without watching a few minutes of television I still would like a very big and good-looking one. But other than the tv, Californie Penthouse in Cannes would be perfect. I would love to sip a drink and enjoy the view of beautiful sunsets from the balcony, and a little quiet time in the solarium with automatic sun blinds in the morning after enjoying the Cannes’ night spots the night before. Oooh la la.

photos: France Villas

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Cappadocia, an Astonishing Place for Travel and Sightseeing

A very unique and intriguing place you can find in central Turkey is Cappadocia or Kapadokya in Turkish. It means “the land of beautiful horses”. It is a place of extraordinary natural surroundings that you cannot find in any other place in the world. Many tourists and photographers have been fascinated by this place that is seemed to be preserved by time. This is a place popular for its fairy chimneys, rock pillars and cones formed by the soft rocks from the volcanic eruptions in this place approximately more than 3 million years ago.

Some popular activities you can do while in Cappadocia, aside from sightseeing, is to try the hot air balloon ride. You will be able to see Cappadocia’s magnificent valleys and canyons and experience quite a different high, literally speaking. A popular activity during summer in Cappadocia is the bicycle tour, one can cruise along in its astonishing roads and just abandon their bikes and trek when it comes to the narrow places of the area. Top bikers and several international magazines around the world has hailed Cappadocia as one of the best places to cycle in Turkey and Europe. Jeep Safari and Horse Riding are also popular activities to do in Cappadocia during your travel and vacation in this place.

A very popular place in Cappadoccia is the luxurious Yunak Elveri Hotel. This hotel is a combination of six cave houses with thirty cave rooms and crowned with a 19th century Greek Mansion. The maze-like narrow passageways and stone stairs lead to rooms tastefully decorated in Ottoman style, and each room has its own private porch which allows the guests to have a magnificent view of the Turkish Mesa. Although it may look creepy at night, it will still be an experience to stay in this hotel for your travel and vacation in Cappadocia, Turkey.

Yunak Elveri hotel photos

The Super Yacht Christina O

Yachts have been a style statement by the truly rich and famous people in the world. Unlike a car, that almost everyone in the developed world can afford, a yacht is truly only for the upper crust of the society. The megayacht Christina O may not be as expensive and luxurious as the new yachts of today, like Paul Allen’s Octopus and Larry Ellison’s Rising Sun, but this yacht is certainly as famous, if not more famous than the two mentioned yachts. Its history and popularity is undisputed, after all many crucial decisions and deals are finalized right here in this very yacht. It is the yacht formerly owned by Aristotle Onassis, the leader of the original jetset crowd and whose name is almost synonymous to money. He named it after his only daughter Cristina Onassis. It is here that he entertains the most influential and famous people during his time like Maria Callas, Eva Peron, Jackie Kennedy, Winston Churchill, John Paul Getty, Prince Rainier and Princess Grace to name a few. Take a peek at the splendor and elegance of this super yacht.

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