Two stunning Italian Villas in Tuscany

Tuscany, Italy is one of the most famous places in Europe because of its rich and well-known history, arts, scenic landscapes and its wine. Florence, the capital of the region is one of the most recognizable symbol of Tuscany, it is the place where Renaissance was born. It is a place that most people would love to travel to and visit for a vacation. Tuscany is also a place for many beautiful and extraordinary villas. Today I will feature two villas from this famous destination, La Novellina and Casa Poggio. La Novellina is an example of a well-preserved villa, Casa Poggio was a renovated villa. Although Casa Poggio is newly renovated, the features of a real Italian villas are kept intact.

La Novellina is a three-storey, five bedroom villa that maintains its authentic Italian villa atmosphere and look. The walls in each room gives the feeling of comfort and country relaxation. According to Italian villas, “This beautiful, spacious farmhouse is set in a wonderful quiet position half way between Florence and Siena in the heart of the Chianti district, surrounded by vineyards, olive groves and cypress trees in a landscape modeled by centuries of farmers' patient toil.” Click here to see indoor and outdoor photos of La Novellina.

Casa Poggio is a three bedroom villa, and although Casa Poggio is newly renovated, the features of a real Italian villa are kept intact and untouched like its wooden ceilings and rooftops. This villa may be small in terms of room number, the serenity of the place and the spacious area outside makes it a real place of vacation and retreat. It is also recognised as a WWF oasis because of the distinctive ecosystem present in the area and especially because of the presence of different breeds of bird which reproduce in its particular bushy willows.

“Poggio Casale is an 18th century farmhouse that was completely restructured and renovated two years ago. Today it is a comfortable country house. The house is surrounded by a well-kept lawn, rich with ornamental plants, flowers and various types of roses. At the back of the house is a gazebo with a table and chairs where you can enjoy moments of relaxation al fresco. A few feet away there is a beautiful infinity swimming pool whose colours reflect those of the nearby lake Lago di Chiusi, offering a splendid visual of the surrounding nature.” From Italian Villas. Click here to see indoor and outdoor photos of Casa Poggio.

click on the pics to see indoor and outdoor photos of the villas.

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