The Super Yacht Christina O

Yachts have been a style statement by the truly rich and famous people in the world. Unlike a car, that almost everyone in the developed world can afford, a yacht is truly only for the upper crust of the society. The megayacht Christina O may not be as expensive and luxurious as the new yachts of today, like Paul Allen’s Octopus and Larry Ellison’s Rising Sun, but this yacht is certainly as famous, if not more famous than the two mentioned yachts. Its history and popularity is undisputed, after all many crucial decisions and deals are finalized right here in this very yacht. It is the yacht formerly owned by Aristotle Onassis, the leader of the original jetset crowd and whose name is almost synonymous to money. He named it after his only daughter Cristina Onassis. It is here that he entertains the most influential and famous people during his time like Maria Callas, Eva Peron, Jackie Kennedy, Winston Churchill, John Paul Getty, Prince Rainier and Princess Grace to name a few. Take a peek at the splendor and elegance of this super yacht.

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